Art of Tea

Many would agree that making tea is an art, there are so much love and dedication placed into those little leaves that some brew them almost in reverence. Preparing the pot, swirling to help the leaves steep better, and pulling while pouring the infused water to create the perfect cup. The art of tea is an ancient one that goes far and wide, however, here we’re going to talk about ‘Art of Tea’ that is actually a site you would probably love to visit if this little paragraph intrigued you.

What is Art of Tea?

Art of Tea as I said before is a website that reminds me of a tea shop run by a tea lover that knows well the history of tea as well as recipes and tea itself! You can find a variety of fine teas to shop from, information about tea, and also recipes that blend well with your love for tea. And if I could take a wild guess, since you are on this particular site those are things that interest you! So follow the link below (this is an affiliate link and therefore we would benefit if you make any purchases) and enjoy a new fresh site that focuses much more on teas than we do (even if you do not buy anything, the site is a real joy to browse so do go and give it a look, there’s plenty of information and lovely tea pictures to enjoy). They also have a youtube channel! Here is a short and interesting video they shared explaining tea: Intro to Tea 101

Happy Shopping!

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