Pear, Dates, and Coconut Smoothie

Pear, dates, and Coconut Smoothie

You guessed it! The fruit bat is attacking some more fruits today! Our star fruit is pear, a fruit with a similar profile to apple. Just like apples, pears have pectin, a fiber that is great to feed the good gut bacteria. Pectin helps improve digestion and keep the good bacteria healthy, which means we … Read more

Banana, Peanuts, and Oat

Guess what? We’re gonna use more fruit today! This banana, peanut, and oat milkshake work perfectly as an energetic breakfast kick! Really filling, high in proteins and nutrients so a perfect boost to start the day! Now I know that peanuts have a bad rep, however, unsalted peanuts don’t seem to have more calories than … Read more

Blueberries and Beetroots Smoothie

Have you ever heard about superfoods? Well, beets should be one of them, so we should find fun ways to consume them, right? I had the hardest time trying beetroot juice, however, I regret not trying it before! Fair, I do love beetroots, I just couldn’t wrap my mind about them being a drink, I … Read more

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