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We are not doctors here so we tried to find a doctor who believes in herbs and natural remedies. If you are interested in such products, give these links a try. Remember, always consult your doctor before taking any vitamin boosts or herbal remedies if you are on any pills or have any medical condition. These links are actually shared by a doctor, however, he does not have your medical history or your pill list so do keep that in mind. (Well, I would recommend talking to your doctor even if you are not on any pills or have any medical conditions you know off, even though these are affiliate links and therefore we would benefit from your purchase, but health first, profit after.)

So, what is HFL?

Health, Fitness, and Longevity is a herbal company started by Dr. Sam Robbins in 1998. He wanted to help his own parents and family members to get healthier and stay that way without restrictive diets, exhaustive exercise programs, or the use of harmful drugs (yes, unfortunately, most drugs have side effects that will result in the need for more drugs to fight those side effects that would actually lead to more side effects and the cycle goes on and on). “I wanted natural solutions that were proven to work, easy to use and delivered safe results, quickly”, states Dr. Robbins. It has a vast range that varies from weight loss and vitamin supplements to stress and mood-related pills up to cholesterol and blood sugar and artery health! So basically, you name it, they probably have it! Also if you look around the site you will find information and videos explaining the products and how they work, so even if you are not interested in buying, the site is still worth a look if you are interested in learning more about what minerals or vitamins you need for what reason. I will leave some links below to some products I think might interested you (they are affiliate links, which means I will earn some money if you complete a purches, however, my commission will be deducted from the company’s profit, so it will not come at any extra charge to you).

Happy Shopping!

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