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Do you like our little mascot fruit bat!? But do you really, really love her? Well, if you really, really, REALLY love her, I’ve got good news for you!!! Our merch is here and ready to be purchased! Plenty of items and moods to choose from, cos our little fruit bat is as moody as … Read more

Sunburst Superfoods

Sunburst Superfoods

No, don’t worry, the sun isn’t bursting! It’s the superfoods that are bursting with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and all that you need to live a healthy life! Some people eat more than enough to benefit from all the healthy stuff found in nature, however, others struggle to eat the bare minimum cos they aren’t big … Read more

Proper Good

proper good

Proper good food is hard to come by, more often than not you need time and preparation to do it yourself! However, if you love soups and always wanted an easy way to find ready-made fresh and healthy soups, this is a dream come true for you! If not, don’t give up! More recipes should … Read more

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farm

Oh, no, they don’t grow fossils nor do they deal with archeology, it’s just that they are old school farms and Fossil was the cofounders’ father’s nickname (cute, right?)! If you are looking for sustainable meat, healthy options, or simply caring farming to shop from, this is the link for you! Personally, I do not … Read more

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