Is Chinese food healthy?!

Is Chinese food healthy?!

As you might have guessed, our little bat likes fruit, which means that names like orange or lemon chicken, plum sauce, tangerine chicken, and pineapple duck intrigue her! So of course, Chinese food draws our little bat since it has these dishes! It’s fruit, right? So it should be healthy, right? Wrong, the fruit has … Read more

Fossil Farms

Fossil Farm

Oh, no, they don’t grow fossils nor do they deal with archeology, it’s just that they are old school farms and Fossil was the cofounders’ father’s nickname (cute, right?)! If you are looking for sustainable meat, healthy options, or simply caring farming to shop from, this is the link for you! Personally, I do not … Read more

Beef, Mushrooms, and Spinach

Today we’re gonna indulge in some red meat. Most of you know that for a healthy diet we should eat plenty of chicken and fish, however, this doesn’t mean that we have to eliminate red meat altogether! At least once a month, unless following an alternate vegan or vegetarian diet, our body needs the nutrients … Read more

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