Aubergines Dip/Soup

Aubergines Dip/Soup

Have you ever looked at the nutritional value of aubergines!? They have no fats, barely any carbs, and just 25 Calories per 100g!! Amazing right!? So here is a dip for you that you can literally scoop up and eat with a tablespoon if you really feel like it!! We will add some fats with … Read more

Proper Good

proper good

Proper good food is hard to come by, more often than not you need time and preparation to do it yourself! However, if you love soups and always wanted an easy way to find ready-made fresh and healthy soups, this is a dream come true for you! If not, don’t give up! More recipes should … Read more

The Orange Soup

pumpkin and carrot soup

Don’t be surprised, but the oranges in this recipe are optional! Today we will be cooking a lovely autumn or winter soup, with pumpkin and carrots as the base ingredients (that’s why I call it orange, everything is orange!). I’m not a huge fan of traditional soups, so I found my own twists to find … Read more

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