Who’s Teasy?

Teasy is basically a dreamer. I am not someone who is necessarily unhappy or ungrateful for what I have or who I am, however, I am not someone who is content to just settle in life. I am creative and enjoy trying new experiences in life, new food, new stuff, new activities, in other words, anything that makes life exciting and worth living!

My story so far:

I am not gonna bore you with all that happened to me, don’t worry! What is related to this page is that I was someone who weighed 100 kilos (that’s around 220 pounds I think) and never really minded it. I am not a vain person, at all, so the usual drive to lose weight to be attractive never really worked on me (it’s the inside that matters after all). However, I am a tiny person (or short to put it in simpler terms) so that amount of weight was starting to really weigh me down!! When I started having problems simply putting my socks on, even though I am double-jointed and was used to being really flexible, all my alarm buttons went on and that is when I decided to take action.

A healthy lifestyle was my go-to method. I started at the gym cos I was REALLY out of shape, had a couple of friends who really helped me out and I lost around 15kilos. Not overnight, it took me two whole years for that BUT slow progress helps you keep the achievements you get and it’s healthier!

Being healthy is for you!!

Finding help and support was a game-changer for me. This site is my way of giving back a little from what I received. This is not a place to shame or judge anyone, everyone is beautiful, being healthy has nothing to do with being vain or trying to look better. The aim of this site is mainly to build a community where everyone can join and share some of their experience and where everyone can aim for a better self. Healthy eating and exercise aren’t there just to lose weight and losing weight shouldn’t be a target to look better.

No matter where you are today, the aim of this page is to help you feel better with yourself, mentally and physically. Starting out yoga didn’t just help my flexibility and my joint pains but also helped me have a better approach to life. Better energy levels and more positivity is the main aim of wannabe healthy, and that is why a healthier lifestyle is for literally everyone!!


I am not a nutritionist, yoga, or gym instructor! I do not have any medical qualifications or degrees!!

This site is simply about what worked for me, what I did, and what I am doing. If you feel any negative side effects following any of the shared content, please seek help and stop whatever you are doing.

Wishing you the best of luck in whatever you set to do, but mostly wishing you health!!

Take Care!


Your friendly Wannabe Healthy Fruit Bat


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