Fossil Farms

Oh, no, they don’t grow fossils nor do they deal with archeology, it’s just that they are old school farms and Fossil was the cofounders’ father’s nickname (cute, right?)! If you are looking for sustainable meat, healthy options, or simply caring farming to shop from, this is the link for you! Personally, I do not agree with the option of no meat-eating for the simple reason that all creatures are living even fruit and vegetables, also the food chain is as natural as it could be, it is the way the earth is intended to function. However, that being said, the way some animals are treated before they reach our tables is outright horrifying and I honestly believe that that is what we should be fighting against. This company promotes small farms that not only do not enhance the meats with harmful chemicals that we shouldn’t even be thinking about ingesting, but also tend to their animals with respect giving them a decent life until they arrive safely on our tables to sustain us. So if you love meat, go on and read the next paragraph before you go give their website a visit. (This is another affiliate link I am excited to promote, cos I really believe in the old farming way for healthier lives, both human and non-human lives. All lives matter, right?)

What is Fossil Farms?

So here I am going to quote a little from their website, I am sure they know best how to describe themselves. Fossil Farms is a mission-driven company guided by principles. They don’t want to be the biggest but do want to be the BEST. That means consistently having the best quality products and the best service in the industry. The conventional meat industry needs to change. Whether you call it industrial animal agriculture, concentrated animal feeding operations, or factory farms, the fact remains that what is good for operational efficiency is most often in conflict with what’s good for the planet and the health of the individual consumer. The truth is there is no such thing as cheap meat. The externalized costs of factory farming have negative effects on the welfare of animals, the natural environment, and the integral quality of the product itself. (I cannot agree more with this statement!!)

They also have an option to choose from healthy meats, they do sell chicken and turkey, however, if you are looking for low-fat or cholesterol-free red meats, go check their ‘Healthy Eats‘ tab, and I promise, you will be lead straight to a haven of red meats option!! And as if they were not lovable enough already, they use reusable coolers when packing your delivery so you can reuse the ice packs, and if you want to dispose of them, they are made of recyclable plastics and biodegradable materials, neat right?!

The only downside is they deliver only to the States since they are located in New Jersey, however, I know most of my viewers are located in that area, so most of you should be able to shop from this link. They deliver via UPS so they do deliver nationwide.


Happy Shopping!

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