Blueberries and Beetroots Smoothie

Have you ever heard about superfoods? Well, beets should be one of them, so we should find fun ways to consume them, right? I had the hardest time trying beetroot juice, however, I regret not trying it before! Fair, I do love beetroots, I just couldn’t wrap my mind about them being a drink, I was really wrong cos they make a simply perfect, sweet juice! Here I am mixing them with blueberries, however, I also enjoy adding an energy powder I have that is berry flavored, so probably they will go really well with most berries! But, let’s skip to mixing now.


  • Beetroots
  • Blueberries
  • Honey


So, smoothies are the easiest recipes to make, they are filling, easy to make batches off, and, well all you have to do is chop down your ingredients to help your blender and blend! Blueberries are small enough to go straight into the blender, so here all you need to do is chop the beetroots. I personally prefer to boil mine but I’ve seen beets being juiced raw after being thoroughly washed, however, here usually juicers are used and the liquid is strained again.

Now boiling the beetroots is a little tricky, they tend to bleed! So here what we need to do is cut off the excess leaves and roots, while leaving around an inch on both sides. We need to wait overnight for the cuts to close up and then we can boil in plenty of water and some vinegar. Once the beets are done, add the blueberries, honey (for sweetness), and water (to help the blender while making it easier to drink) and blend away!


I enjoy this drink with milk! It gives a fuller sensation and adds to the nutritious value of the drink. As I said before, you can mix and match the berries in this recipe, you can even add some berry flavoring powder if you like to help the honey make it sweeter. Hope you try this nutritious and refreshing beverage and share some new ideas with us!

Bottoms Up!!

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