Beef, Mushrooms, and Spinach

Today we’re gonna indulge in some red meat. Most of you know that for a healthy diet we should eat plenty of chicken and fish, however, this doesn’t mean that we have to eliminate red meat altogether! At least once a month, unless following an alternate vegan or vegetarian diet, our body needs the nutrients found in red meat that are lacking in fish or even chicken. Veel can give some of the nutrients, however, beef is way richer in iron and cobalamin or Vitamin B12 (besides the fact that I feel bad to encourage you to eat baby cows, they’re delicious, true, but still). We’re boosting our dish with spinach, so this recipe is ideal if you have an iron deficiency and want a quick boost. Unless otherwise instructed by your doctor, beef should not be consumed more than once a week. Of course, you should try to avoid fatty parts, however, it is almost impossible to eat beef without ingesting any cholesterol, so try to balance your diet with this meat maybe once every two weeks or so.


  • Beef
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Garlic
  • Chilli
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Red Wine


First marinade a nice, thick piece of beef, thaw the meat slightly so you can work with it better and it can absorb more flavors. I don’t have a hammer so I punch it a couple of times, just as if you are giving it an extremely rough message, so we can have a nice tender piece of steak later. Slice thin cuts along the surface just to help the marinade reach deeper into your meat, rub in salt and pepper to your liking, add in the garlic and chilies, (you can place some garlic cloves in the cuts as well if you want a stronger garlic flavor), then cover with red wine and let rest for at least two hours in your fridge.

Next up, place some more garlic in a pan and grill until slightly golden, toss in the mushrooms (sliced or chopped, your choice) and give a light grill, add the spinach and some more wine and leave for a couple of minutes until they start to soften. Remove the meat and add the hot mixture to the marination so it can heat up. Sear the beef well on both sides (all sides of the beef if it is really thick, turn it around until it looks perfectly cooked on the outside, however, make sure the pan or skillet is super hot so it will still be raw on the inside), this will be sealing all the lovely juices inside. Place the meat back in the marinade, cover with the spinach and bake to your favorite state (I like mine well-done, so it might look overcooked to you). Get ready to plate!


For a heavier boost in nutriments, serve with some beets and string beans! Otherwise, you can serve with your usual side veggies or just as it is, letting the mushrooms and spinach be the only sides. If you want to add some carbs, try a side of sweet potatoes to have an extra boost in vitamin A! Hope you’ll try this out and leave us some comments below, as always we’re eager to hear from you!

Bon appetite!!

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