Blueberry and Chia Seed Smoothie

Chia Seeds are little bombs of fibre, so if you need some help in your digestive system, this drink is ideal for you! They are also packed with those healthy omega 3 oils that help keep our heart healthy and also a great source of calcium and magnesium! So finding a way to enjoy these, is a good idea, right? Chia seeds are also high in calories so if you are trying to gain some healthy weight, these can help. However, they should also promote a feeling full sensation, so also good if you are trying to limit your food intake. So it’s a pretty versatile seed! However, do keep that in mind and note how it affects you.

We’re going to combine them with blueberries to add some Vitamins to the mix, and boost the antioxidants and the flavour as chia seeds are rather flavourless! And since it’s hot here, our little bat wanted a cooling drink so we froze our berries for a refreshing boost!! Healthy and refreshing, sounds neat right?! Now let’s take a closer look at this drink!


  • Blueberries (frozen)
  • Chia Seeds
  • Milk (your favourite)
  • Honey


Now this recipe needs a little preparation in advance. Wash and freeze the blueberries, and soak the chia seeds in your choice of milk (I used coconut milk this time), leave them both overnight (of course, leave the chia seeds with the milk in your fridge, blueberries in the freezer). The chia seeds need more or less twice their amount of milk to soak in, give them a little mix and all the milk should be absorbed in the morning while the seeds will be now twice their size!

Once the preparation is done, it’s as simple as it can be! Blend the blueberries and add some water (or milk) if needed. Mix well with honey and combine with the chia seeds. The chia seeds and berries will not mix unless you stir them so it can create a nice visual with half of your drink white and the other half a dark violetish color! Pretty contrasting right?! The drink is done!


If you like you may add honey to the chia mix too, just to make it sweeter. The blueberries can be changed by any other fruit of your choice, especially watery fruit like any other berries, watermelon, or peaches! I enjoyed letting the chia seeds chill at the bottom of my glass and mix as I drink, however, you can mix well before you start drinking! Hope you enjoy this refreshing drink and share your thoughts with us!

Bottoms Up!!

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