Entry One

So, as I said in the previous blog, I was dying to try The Golden Milk recipe, so this morning I thought I’d give it a try. To be honest, not a good idea to do it while still waking up, so I did a larger batch so I can find a nice cup ready tomorrow morning. Was a little unsure cos I was still skeptical of turmeric-based milk, but I am delighted I did! It is just as described, warm, sweet, earthy and that creamy feel the milk has really pulled everything up to another level. The pepper combined with the honey gives a slight burning sensation, it’s a different, delightful kick but I might dilute the mixture with a little more milk tomorrow (I think I added a little more pepper than the recipe suggested). I drank it with a slice of our healthy version of an apple pie and it was just as good as a traditional cappuccino would have been, so I would call this a success.

I did a little variation cos I am a rebel (and I lacked the coconut oil) so I replaced the coconut oil with two drops of sesame seed oil, and I added a few aniseeds, cos, why not? I added both the honey and the oil when the mixture was already warm (both are healthier if not cooked for too long) the rest of the ingredients just melted in when I dropped the oil in! It’s amazing the difference just two drops can create! The honey actually helped in combining the ingredients further so both the fat and the honey are essential to have a nice smooth drink and not a lumpy one with spices floating all over.

After tasting it, I realized I would also enjoy this mix as a sauce. Dropping some rice in it and using it instead of water to boil the rice I think would create a bowl of lovely flavored rice that looks totally plain (just yellowish) and would be perfect as a side to some Indian flavored chicken or lamb. Let us know if you try this recipe out too and tell us if you create some other variations! Experimenting in the kitchen is what makes cooking fun after all!

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