Pear, Chocolate, and Peanuts

Having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean not having any chocolate! It does come from a plant and it does have some health benefits as well!! That being said, eating a full bar of chocolate that is filled with added fats and sugars, isn’t the ideal choice for a healthy lifestyle. In this simple recipe, we will be using pears as our base, which has more or less the same health benefits as apples do. Just like apples, pears give fiber and are rich in pectin, a fiber that feeds the healthy gut bacteria. We will also be using peanuts, that although they are high in fats, so a large amount isn’t healthy, they are still a great boost in protein, fiber, and healthy fats so a small amount is actually healthy to eat, just like chocolate! Basically, this is a treat with few more sins than a cup of hot chocolate, probably fewer sins than a cup of thick hot chocolate that is topped with fresh cream! Of course, it all depends on how hard you go with the chocolate powder, what kind of chocolate powder you use, and the number of peanuts you add, but as long as you’re careful you can enjoy this pretty often! So let’s see how this simple recipe goes.


  • Pear
  • Chocolate
  • Milk
  • Peanuts
  • Salt (if the peanuts are unsalted)


It’s actually a very simple recipe, however, the taste is amazing! Chopp the pear in small pieces, if the pear is still not fully ripe chop them in smaller pieces so they do not feel too hard. Add milk and chocolate powder or use chocolate milk (I used almond milk, it gives an extra nutty flavor that goes really well with the taste). Top up with some salted peanuts (dilute some salt in the milk if you have unsalted peanuts). Enjoy your dessert!


If you want a more filling portion you can add oats to your chocolate milk and turn it into porridge. It will make a lovely chocolate creamy mixture. You can also blend your pear for a smoother finish. You can switch the peanuts with hazelnuts or cashew nuts. Or maybe you want to try topping it all with some cinnamon or nutmeg for some extra flavor. Our picture shows a variation with porridge, cashews, a cinnamon stick boiled in the milk for extra flavor, and a sprinkle of salt. Hope you will try this simple idea and enjoy it as much as we did! Feel free to share your ideas and experiences with us, we will always love to hear from you!

Bon appetite!!

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