Watermelon Salad

No, it is not a fruit salad! It’s a lovely, refreshing, summer salad with as much cucumber as much as watermelon! Now watermelon is more water than anything else, so unless you’re diabetic, this is a great hydrating fruit for the summer with very few calories (it is rather high in sugars, however, which will give us some much-needed energy in the heat). Cucumber is another component that is full of water, so, if you hate drinking water, this salad is ideal for you! Cucumber is also high in Vitamin K, so you’ll be getting nutrients, hydration, and barely any calories, worth it, no?  We will be adding some ginger, mint, and basil as well, both for an even more refreshing taste as well as for some added health benefits!


  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber
  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Basil
  • Peppered Cheeslet


    Now, as with most salads, there isn’t much to say about the preparation. Chop the cucumber and watermelon into bite-size cubes, or a little smaller. I enjoy the onions in small circles, however, you can chop them smaller. Now if you have fresh mint, basil, and ginger they will both be more nutritional as well as make the salad more fun and colorful, however, I didn’t have any so I used dried mint and basil, and ginger powder which still works great!

    Mix everything together in a bowl, and plate up. In the end crumble a peppered cheeslet (cutting it in small cubes will automatically crumble the soft, dryish cheese) and spread it on top. If it’s available place a small mint leaf on top for decoration (I didn’t have any, however, it will look better, so it’s literally just for decoration, we already have mint in the mix), and your fresh and hydrating boost is ready to be enjoyed!


    If you want to avoid the cheeslet you can add salt and pepper to taste instead, or if you want a non-peppered cheeslet you can add some pepper. You can skip the onions, ginger, mint, or basil completely, they add to the taste and the health benefits, of course, however, if you do not have them or dislike them, the salad is still good without one or two of them. Feta cheese is also a good replacement for this salad instead of the cheeslet while tomatoes are a good replacement if you do not want to try watermelon with your salad. I really do recommend trying this, however, especially if you like a slightly sweet note to your food, it’s simply delicious, refreshing, with faint hints of heat from the pepper, the onion, and the ginger, a touch of sweetness from the watermelon, and of course salt from the cheese!! A real treat for the taste buds!! Hope you try this hydrating boost in the hotter seasons and share with us your experiences!

    Bon appetite!!

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