Carrots and Apple Mix

Carrots and Apple Mix

Today we have a gut-friendly savory fruit salad, that is great as a snack, a side salad, or even tweaked for a good full meal! We have apples with their famous pectin that feeds the good gut bacteria, yogurt that is a probiotic food, and carrots and coconuts that both give a boost in fiber! … Read more

Chocolate and Peanut Chia Pudding

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Now we all know that fruit and dried fruit are an easy healthy alternative to sweets, however, if you’re craving chocolate, there is no fruit on earth that will satisfy your craving! The good news is that cocoa before it is made into chocolate, can be part of a healthy diet. The bad news is … Read more

Healthy Peach Cheesecake

After trying our Banoffee Cheese Cake we wanted to try something for those who, like me, aren’t the biggest fans of bananas. This time we’re gonna try a peach cheesecake and see if it will hold without bananas and avocados in the ‘cheese’ mix. As usual, we will not be using sugar, and most of our sweetness … Read more

Pear, Dates, and Coconut Smoothie

Pear, dates, and Coconut Smoothie

You guessed it! The fruit bat is attacking some more fruits today! Our star fruit is pear, a fruit with a similar profile to apple. Just like apples, pears have pectin, a fiber that is great to feed the good gut bacteria. Pectin helps improve digestion and keep the good bacteria healthy, which means we … Read more

Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter

homemade peanut butter

Today our little bat returned home with some peanuts, now as we said before peanuts have a bad reputation, however, just like salmon and avocado, peanuts contain the good kind of fats, even if  they are high in calories. Here we’re gonna mix them with cashews that have a similar profile, however, they are softer … Read more

Salmon and Lentils Cavatappi

Salmon and Lentils Cavatappi

Today we have a protein upon protein recipe. We will be using pasta, so that means we have some carbs involved, however, the sauce can be the main ingredient here. We will be mixing lentils and so the sauce will not be too strong, in fact, if you really wanted to, you could add more … Read more

Aubergines Dip/Soup

Aubergines Dip/Soup

Have you ever looked at the nutritional value of aubergines!? They have no fats, barely any carbs, and just 25 Calories per 100g!! Amazing right!? So here is a dip for you that you can literally scoop up and eat with a tablespoon if you really feel like it!! We will add some fats with … Read more

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