Sauerkraut, Pork, and Mustard

So we felt like it is time to use our homemade sauerkraut in a proper recipe and we decided to pair it with some pork (just to give the poor chickens a break). Now pork and apple are a very common combination and since we already have some apples in the sauerkraut and apples will help that good bacteria the sauerkraut will give us, we decided to add some extra apples to the mix! However, cooking the sauerkraut will not let us enjoy all the benefits it has, probiotics are living organisms and rather delicate so we might be killing most of them in this recipe! However, the recipe is delicious, maybe you would like to try adding the sauerkraut in the end so they will not be fully roasted but this is the method we used.



Start with a layer of colored bell peppers finely chopped (we avoided green peppers, they have a rather particular taste). You may want to add an onion or a spring onion to this layer, however, in our recipe we skipped it. Place your pork, chopped in bite-size or a roast piece, your choice, and top with honey, mustard, and vinegar (or the honey and mustard vinaigrette). Sprinkle some smoked paprika and cover with sauerkraut. Top everything with finely chopped apples and bake! If you choose to place the pork as a whole piece you may want to marinate in the honey and mustard vinaigrette for about half an hour the flavors can travel deeper into the meat, with the bite-size pork it’s easier for the meat to absorb the flavors.

Plate and serve dinner! You may want to let it rest for a while, it will be easier to plate.


Mustard, paprika, and chili are a very good mix, so if you like spicy food, this is a good plate to add your chili to! Chicken is always a good substitute for pork. Pumpkin mixed with the bell peppers or instead of the bell peppers should also work very well. If you are adventurous you may want to try green apples or green bell peppers for us and let us know if they work in the comments below or on our social media, we’re curious about it but haven’t tried it out yet! Hope you will give this recipe a try and enjoy eating it as much as we did!

Bon appetite!!

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