Aubergines Dip/Soup

Have you ever looked at the nutritional value of aubergines!? They have no fats, barely any carbs, and just 25 Calories per 100g!! Amazing right!? So here is a dip for you that you can literally scoop up and eat with a tablespoon if you really feel like it!! We will add some fats with Tahini and milk, however, they are healthy additions and the main ingredient will be our amazing aubergine and onions to balance the bitterness! Now Tahini is mentioned as a good weight gain food, so if you go really crazy with it and indulge in a really impressive amount of dip with a large amount of not so healthy dippers, this dip might increase your weight (so it might be a good, healthy weight gain idea). However, a teaspoon or two of Tahini will not help in any weight gain, I know, this was my lunch for a week and I actually lost weight!



You can start off by slicing your aubergines and sprinkle salt on them, this method should remove some of the bitterness but you can totally skip it. If you decide to try it, leave the salt on the aubergines for around 15 mins (will give us enough time to prep the onion and garlic and start them off, right) then rinse well before adding to your recipe.

We will start off our pot with the onions and garlic, oregano, marjoram, coriander, aniseeds, rosemary, thyme, mint, tarragon, and chili (if you like some heat), you can add some sesame oil here but I usually like to keep the recipe a little cleaner and simply grill them until they start to take a slightly golden color. Then quickly add the aubergines to avoid burning and keep stirring until the aubergine is nice and soft. Next add some milk (I enjoy a nutty one for the extra flavor, like almond or cashew) and the tahini sauce and stir until the tahini is nicely melted in the mix.

The final step is to blend everything to your liking, maybe garnish with some fresh parsley or olives, or both, and serve with your favorite dippers! 


My favorite combo for this recipe is olives and garlic bread, however, it can be used as a filling for stuffed artichokes hearts or canapé cases! This is another great recipe to have up your sleeve if you are thinking about finger food. It is also easily finished into a soup, just add more milk or water until you achieve the consistency you like! It is awesome both cold and warm! Hope you enjoy this amazing dip (or soup) with basically fewer calories than an onion soup! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we’re a curious bunch! 

Bon appetite!!

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