Broad Bean Pudding

Today I tried one of my many experiments in the kitchen and, as usual, I will share it with you. The hardest part in all of this? Finding a name for the recipe! Taste-wise, it’s a little similar to a shepherd’s pie with a nice broad bean twist, however, it has the consistency of a bread pudding. This recipe can be made without any meat, probably you could use an egg substitute as well if you really wanted to (maybe chickpeas would blend in nicely), however, I don’t use eggs that often so I went for a vegetarian version here.



First, we need to create flour from our oats, so I blend them to fine dust, flakes would work too, however, flour works better. Next, beat the egg, add the milk, and beat again to trap as much air as possible in there. (Want a life hack? Beat this in a well-closed jar, it is so much simpler!! … Just make sure the lid is closed well.) Now blend the broad beans lightly and once again blend the oats, broad beans, milk, and eggs together. Here I put in all my herbs and spices. That is the coriander, smoked paprika, parsley, marjoram, salt, and pepper. I had onion powder and dried chives for this recipe so they went in with the herbs and spices as well, if you are using fresh ones, you can chop them finely and avoid blending them. I like to add some baking soda too, just for some extra fluffiness! Once you are happy with the mixture add the peas and carrots (and finely chopped chives and onions if you are not using powder), mix well, place in a container and bake!

The mixture will be cooked once it dries down, the consistency should be just like a bread pudding! Add some balsamic vinegar on top for some more taste and presentation style, and enjoy your meal!


If you do not want this to be a vegetarian plate you can add some sausages to this mix and remove the salt. Cheeslet can be another alternative, however, broad beans, eggs, and chickpeas are a great meat substitute so nutrition wise it’s a full meal, and taste-wise it’s still great, especially with the balsamic vinegar topping! Try it out and leave us your thoughts and results below, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

Bon appetite!!

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