Creamy Salmon Farfalle

Do you enjoy creamy, white sauce pasta? I really do, however, we all know that creating traditional white sauce is not really the best for our health! This is a little twist to that sauce that will allow us to eat a good amount of sauce without the guilt feeling! Sounds interesting, no? We’re replacing the cream with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, our favorite fat replacement! So now we have a sauce that is low fat, filled with calcium and healthy biotics! Well, if we cook it for too long we will kill the biotics, however, there is a slim chance that some of them will survive, so let’s hope for the best! Salmon, of course, will give us that good old vitamin D in abundance and those good fishy oils that are healthy for our joints! For an even healthier version, you can use whole grain pasta, however, here I am using good old white pasta and using small portions with plenty of sauce (the sauce is really rich and filling).



In a pan start grilling the coriander, aniseeds, black pepper and, ginger. Add the finely sliced onions and garlic and cook until soft (if you want a nice white sauce do not let them turn golden, and maybe use white pepper to avoid the black dots). Chop the smoked salmon and add to the pan. Cook and break down the salmon further into flakes.

Wash and boil the pasta separately, I like to keep it slightly under so I can finish it up in the pan with the sauce. No need to add much to the water, however, you can add a little salt to the water if you like.

Add the yogurt, cottage cheese, mint, basil, marjoram, oregano, tarragon, thyme, rosemary, and parsley to the onions and salmon, stir until the mixture is nicely blended. Taste and add some salt and lemon juice to taste (there is a good chance that you will not need any salt in this recipe since the smoked salmon is usually very salty). If the mixture is too dry you can add some water or a little milk (remember that the pasta will add some moisture to the sauce as well). Add the pasta and stir until the pasta is fully cooked. You’re ready to eat!


If you let it cool down in your pan, this recipe will harden and change into a nice omelet-like dish! It’s great both warm or cold, so, two recipes in one! Of course, you can mix and match the herbs according to your likings and what is available to you, I use a lot of herbs and spices, however, you can always play with them as you see fit. Remember, you’re the chef! Salmon can also be switched with gammon or chicken, of course, add a little salt if you use chicken, unlike smoked salmon or gammon it will not add salt to your recipe. Chicken is also the healthiest choice, but we all know that, right? That being said, salmon will give some amazing vitamin D and healthy omega oils, so it’s good to include it in your diet as well! And variety will not let your diet get boring and annoying so, an extra bonus. Hope you give this recipe a go, it hits the spot for that white sauce craving. Let us know what you think in the comments below, we would love to hear from you (and maybe know that we’re not alone in being so excited for this recipe)!

Bon appetite!!

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