Salmon, Yogurt, and Cucumber Dip

Now being on a diet or having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean not having parties or events! It doesn’t mean not slipping off every now and again and enjoy the ‘normal’ party food, however, if you are hosting, you may get some recipes up your sleeves that you can serve that are still healthy enough! This dip or spread is one of them! Of course, you can use it as a spread in your wraps or bread as well for lunch. We don’t really have any fats, sugars, or carbs in the dip that we’re trying to avoid and thanks to the cucumber it’s really refreshing! Perfect for a summertime snack! It will also have some benefits from the yogurt, we will not be cooking it so any probiotics in it will still be there, besides the calcium.



Well, not really much to say about the method, we’re simply going to chop everything and mix it all up! First, rinse the salmon lightly so it is not too salty. You can use less instead, however, I like the milder but more often found version more, so I always rinse smoked salmon before I use it. Pour some lemon juice over your salmon and let it sit for a few minutes.

In the meantime start chopping the cucumber and any fresh herbs you have (I used dried ones and fresh parsley which I happened to have). Always chop your herbs finely unless you are really keen on finding shockingly strong tasting mouthfuls! Here I only used lemon juice but you can add some lemon zest if you like (you can also chop some of the lemon finely and add it to the mix especially if you will use this mixture as a sandwich spread, as a dip, however, I wouldn’t recommend it, but again, it’s all up to you!)

Then start by adding all your herbs (basil, mint, parsley, marjoram, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, thyme, coriander, and aniseed) to the salmon and start mixing, this will make sure the herbs are well mixed throughout our mixture. Add in the cucumber (and lemon if you’re adding more than just juice), mix again, and finally add in the yogurt for one final good mix! And you’re ready to party! (However, letting it sit a few hours in the refrigerator will let the flavors mix better.)


If you really want to keep this a light snack, fill some lettuce leaves with the mixture and roll them up! Instead of salmon, you can use tuna or prawns. Maybe add a little caviar and place it on some light crackers, or half cherry tomatoes, or artichoke hearts and serve as appetizers. However, our favorite way of serving this is either in rolled wraps or (as shown in the picture) with baked ravioli! You can also serve it with cold pasta, or mix some boiled potatoes in for a healthier version of a potato salad and serve it at your next bbq instead of loading up on mayo! Let us know your favorite way of using this and share with us your new ideas, we’ll be more than happy to hear what you think!

Bon appetite!

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