Broad Bean Focaccia

Finding a healthy and easy-to-carry, packed lunch is not always easy! We often fall in a cycle of wraps or sandwiches, so an easy recipe that is fast to prepare and easy to carry is always handy. The same goes for finger food nibbles! We’re gonna use broad beans today, just like we did in our Broad Bean Pudding. They are a great source of fiber and a decent source of protein, especially mixed with eggs and oats! We’re also gonna use some sausages here, try to find a good low-fat version to keep the recipe as healthy as possible. You can also do this with chicken instead for a more daily version, however, we will leave the variations for the last section as we always do!



In this recipe, it’s important to start with the oat mixture to give the oats time to absorb the eggs and milk. So start by beating up the egg, then add the milk (I used milk powder and water this time cos I was out of milk!) and give another quick mix. Finally, add the oats and your favorite mix of herbs, we used parsley, marjoram, oregano, and thyme, and mix everything well. Leave to rest for around 10 to 20 minutes.

While the mixture rests prepare the broad beans and the sausages. We chopped everything up into small chunks, however, it’s always depending on your taste, so you chop in your favorite style! Chop the chives finely or use dried chives, we will use this as a topping.

Pour a good base of the oat mixture, around 1 cm high, top with the broad beans and sausage, and spread the rest of your mixture on top. Sprinkle with the chives and bake until nice and golden! And your lunch is done! It can be stored easily for a couple of days, just heat it in the microwave before you eat!


As we said before you can use chicken instead of sausages for a healthier version, just pre-cook the chicken or use pre-cooked strips! Ham and cheese are also a good alternative or maybe you want to add fish! Fish cooks easily so no need to pre-cook! Just remember to add a pinch of salt if the sausage replacement isn’t salty or the recipe might taste a little blunt! Broad beans can be replaced with peas, bell peppers, or mushrooms if you really don’t like them, however, I can assure you that they taste really, really good with this mix!! Want a vegetarian alternative? Replace the sausages with some artichoke hearts and mushrooms. Or maybe you want to go a little wild and top it up with a nice mix of all the ingredients (maybe not mix the fish with chicken and sausages, but the rest should go well together)! 

Want an even crazier idea?! Cut it into short strips and you have delicious and healthy finger food for your get-togethers!! Hope you like this simple idea, it’s fast, easy, and really tasty! Let us know what you think, we always appreciate any kind of feedback!

Bon appetite!!

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