Delicate Infusion

Our little bat just adores mixing and inventing! Today we have a delicate infusion that has so many healthy herbs and spices in it with a very soft, sweet flavor that is hard to dislike. The tastes are similar, however, not one herb is like the other, and mixed all together they create a softer yet fuller version of each flavor. This infusion is absolutely perfect to enjoy so many health benefits with a mild and delicate aroma that is lovely all year round!



Now as for the method, this is a simple infusion, so just place everything in a pot and pour the hot water over all the ingredients. Water should be freshly boiled, just leave to settle for a few seconds before you pour on the herbs not to kill any of the benefits. Leave for at least five minutes to steep and your ready to sift unless you have one of those handy pots that have a herb compartment or some handy gadget to separate the herbs and spices from your tea.

As for rations as always it’s up to your liking, however, keep in mind that cardamom is a little spicy and has a slight peppery taste, while cloves are a rather stronger taste than the rest, and star anise is also a little stronger than dill and coriander. So to balance everything nicely without any of the components taking over, dill, coriander, and fennel should be in a slighter larger ratio than star anise, with cloves and cardamom being the smallest ratios.


If you do enjoy that kick, a few peppercorns would give a different taste to this tea, one or two should probably be enough to jump up the cardamom. As always you can add honey if you want it sweeter but I suggest tasting it first cos it is a sweet infusion already. It blends perfectly with coconut milk, my guess is it works well with any milk of your choice! Hope you give our recipe a try and let us know what you think, and maybe share your favorite blends with us as well so we can give them a go too!

Bottoms Up!!

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