Earthy Infusion

As the weather gets colder, we will be looking at warm drinks once again. Remember our Golden Milk? We do and wanted something similar but less sweet! We had our liquorice freshly bought so we wanted something that could include this root! I am sure that it would have worked well with the previous recipe we had but there is no fun in that right!? So here is what we did instead!



Just like any other infusion, simply heat your choice of milk (we used soy and we do recommend soy or a nutty milk like almond milk for this recipe, the taste blends better), add in the turmeric, nutmeg, licorice, and vanilla, and simmer for a few minutes until the milk reduces slightly and the flavors infuse the milk. As always you can sweeten with some honey.


Aniseeds and cinnamon are also good options to sweeten the deal here. However, we went a step further and created a snack or dessert out of it! We simply added some oats to cook while we were simmering the milk and finally added some bananas and blended everything up! Of course, you may add honey for a sweeter snack, we used it to drizzle the top both for some extra sweetness and some decoration. We event went ahead and made it more fun with some cashews to add a soft crunch! As you can see, the mixture turns out rather solid if you add enough oats and bananas, it would even work well to create small balls for easily accessible snacks! Maybe try covering the balls with some sesame seeds for an extra layer of flavor, crunch, and some calcium!  Hope you find this recipe interesting and give one of the variations a go! Let us know what you think and maybe tell us how you improved on this idea!

Bottoms Up!!

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