Orange Tea

Time for some more orange, and this time we are using the peel and some orange blossom water! We are also using loose tea leaves here, kindly provided to us by Umi Tea Sets, so this is actually a tea. Now orange blossom water is great to soothe an overactive intestine, however, without it, the tea is still awesome and packed with 101 different health benefits! All of the ingredients are bursting with antioxidants and it came to our ears that boiling orange peel can even help with hangovers! (Not that we encourage hangovers, just saying!)

Taste-wise the tea is warm and soothing and having that mild fruity flavor it is just perfect for Spring. Not full-on warm Winter taste, but still great for chill Spring nights or as breakfast when the air is still chilly! So now enough with the intro and let’s get to the tea.



As always the preparation can’t be any simpler, just place everything in a pot and pour freshly boiled water over the ingredients. As always we suggest you wait those couple of seconds for the water to cool down slightly before pouring and let the ingredients steep for a couple of minutes.

For a more complex taste, you can boil the orange peel, cinnamon stick, cloves, and cardamom seeds in a pot and simmer for around 5 minutes. Leave the infusion to cool down slightly before pouring it over the leaves and in the end add the orange blossom water. 


As always you can sweeten your tea with honey, however, we suggest tasting first. You can also add some orange juice for a stronger orange taste (add the orange juice in the end as well) or some turmeric for a more earthy flavor (turmeric can be added with the rest of the harder ingredients especially if it’s fresh). Of course, if you do not have tea leaves, tea bags can also work. Hope you enjoyed this soothing beverage!

Bottoms Up!!

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