Strawberry Ravioli

A few years back I came across strawberry ravioli and I have wanted to figure out how to do it ever since. Today, I totally nailed it by accident and was surprised by how incredibly easy it actually is!! Now ravioli is pasta so do not overdo the portion cos, of course, it is carbs, but as I always say, everything is healthy in moderation, and eating no carbs whatsoever totally didn’t work for me!

Now as for the strawberries they are bursting with Vitamin C and are pretty low in calories. Tomatoes are actually lower but this sauce is way simpler to create than tomato sauce and needs basically no additives! We will, however, top it up with a little mint and nuts but still a lot fewer additives than we would use for tomato sauce. So let’s see how this simple recipe goes.


  • Ricotta Ravioli
  • Strawberries
  • Nuts (optional)
  • Mint (optional)


Here we will be using more or less the same method we used in our blueberry jam, just do not add the honey. So basically we are washing the strawberries, chopping them slightly (leaving them whole will also work especially if they are small, just remove the leaves and stem), and cooking them in a microwave or an oven. If you want to cook them in a pot add a little water to get them going. The strawberries will release an insane amount of water so keep an eye on them whatever method you decide to use and do not add a lot of water!  Once done mash your strawberries, they should be soft enough to mash easily with a fork.

Boil the ricotta ravioli (cottage cheese-filled pasta) separately. Simply serve the cooked strawberries on the ravioli and top up with mint and nuts! It is literally that simple!!


You can kick the taste with a touch of vodka while cooking your strawberries. Of course, you can add honey if you want the sauce to be sweet, it isn’t really sweet otherwise. If you want a sharper taste you can add lemon and ginger to your strawberries and you can add the mint while you are cooking but we wanted to leave our strawberry sauce as versatile as possible! You can also add a little milk or cream if you want the sauce to be thicker. You can also decorate with a touch of balsamic vinegar, it usually pairs very well with strawberries!

You may also want to try this recipe with other pasta and cottage cheese variations, like lasagne, cannelloni, or pasta shells! Usually, ravioli has parsley added to their filling so you may want to add parsley to your cottage cheese here as well! Hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as we do!! Let us know your thoughts and any variation you might want to try!

Bon appetite!!

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