Tuna Patties

Complicated recipes are good and tasty, but who has the time to do that every day?! This is a simple recipe that is just as good, low in fats, and features chickpeas that are simply amazing! They are a high source of fiber, have some healthy carbs, a decent source of proteins, and loaded with minerals as well as Vitamin B6. I would consider that a rather healthy mix, no?



I do not recommend canned foods, so if you can prepare fresh ingredients, it’s always healthier. However, I will leave that choice to you. I started by boiling the cauliflower with some coriander. If you are using dried chickpeas soak them overnight or boil them for around five minutes and let them soak in the water for 1 hour, then drain them off the water before you start your patties.

Now mix the cauliflower, chickpeas, and tuna (use light or drain from the oil if you are using canned tuna, however, fresh tuna should work too, just add a pinch of salt if you are using fresh fish, the canned version will already have salts in it). Mince everything together in a blender, add some more coriander and maybe some herbs if you’d like more flavors in your patties, form the patties (can be done in your hand or just pour over a baking tray and push around with a spoon,), and bake! Always cover your dish with some baking paper before you place your patties on the tray, obviously. And your patties are done!


You can add serve this as a burger with some yogurt dressing. However, I simply served with some beetroots, olives, and some of our homemade sauerkraut. The patties are a little on the dry side, so the juicy leaves of the sauerkraut were a perfect match for this dish!! You can play with moisture by adding more cauliflower, however, I do enjoy the juiciness to come from condiments, it keeps the patties more in shape too, the tuna and chickpeas will keep the shape better than the cauliflower. Hope you give these tuna patties a try, if you manage to do this recipe with fresh ingredients you will have a very healthy version of a burger! Hope to hear your experiments in the kitchen soon!

Bon appetite!!

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