Wannabe Strawberry Fool

Once more we got our hands on some lovely strawberries and this time we’re going to transform them into something between a strawberry fool or runny ice cream, or maybe a milkshake if we go wild with the milk! This recipe is delicious and extremely low fat as well as low in sugars! A great way to stay cool in the summer while staying healthy! And well, adding a little alcohol to the mix makes this recipe more exciting, as we always say, all can be consumed in moderation!


  • Strawberries (frozen)
  • Yogurt (preferably Greek)
  • Strawberry liqueur (optional)
  • Milk (your favorite kind)
  • Honey (optional)


There is really not much to say regarding the preparation. All you need to do is prepare the strawberries (wash, remove the stems, and freeze) in advance. You can use fresh strawberries, however, frozen strawberries will make the mixture way more refreshing. Place everything in a blender and blend to your liking. And there you have it, a lovely, refreshing, summer dessert.


As said before freezing the strawberries is recommended, however, if the strawberries aren’t frozen the mixture will still be a nice healthy cream, maybe even more similar to a traditional fool. The liqueur can be avoided, especially if you want to use the dessert for young ones. Honey will make it sweeter, however, again can be reduced or avoided if you want to reduce sugars. We suggest plain Greek yogurt cos of the consistency, reduce the milk if you’re using a less thick yogurt. Hope you like this fresh and simple idea and maybe try some other fruits as well and see how they fare. Let us know in the comments below, we’re a curious bunch!

Bon appetite!!

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