Pear, Dates, and Coconut Smoothie

You guessed it! The fruit bat is attacking some more fruits today! Our star fruit is pear, a fruit with a similar profile to apple. Just like apples, pears have pectin, a fiber that is great to feed the good gut bacteria. Pectin helps improve digestion and keep the good bacteria healthy, which means we can fight the bad bacteria and keep our digestive system healthy. We will also be using dates as sweeteners, so we are adding another good source of fiber, plus a natural energy booster. And also coconut, which will introduce some healthy fats here. We probably should have added some yogurt here to add probiotics, that would have made this drink a super digestion drink. We definitely missed an opportunity here, however, let’s see how our recipe goes before we start thinking about changing it!


  • Pear
  • Dates
  • Coconuts
  • Water (or milk)


As always smoothies or milkshakes are very simple to make! Simply pick two lovely pears, wash them and chop them to help your blender a little. Toss the pears, some pitted dates for sweetness, some coconut flakes, and a little water to help the blender smooth everything down. If you would rather have a milkshake, either toss some milk powder in there (like I did cos I was out of milk) or replace the water with your favorite milk (I would suggest unsweetened coconut milk, it’s very low on calories and will add to that lovely coconut flavor!).  And basically, your smoothie/milkshake is done!


Add some crunch with a high fiber cereal, some roasted oats, or some hemp hearts to turn this shake into a filling breakfast option! And if you’re not a fan of a crunchy breakfast simply prepare it the night before and let some oats soak in there for a great overnight oatmeal! Want to make this drink even healthier? Try replacing your liquids here with coconut water, it tastes great and has amazing health benefits, including hydration, detox properties, boosts your metabolism, and improves skin elasticity! Or as I said in the beginning, you could try this with some yogurt! It would definitely make it creamier and thicker and add some probiotics which are a great pair with pectin for our gut health!  Hope you give this sweet drink a try and tell us what you think about it in the comments below, or on our social media, we’re curious and we would also love to get to know you!

Bottoms Up!!

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